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"Ashmore Consulting provide no nonsense contractual advice that’s easy to understand and their professional consultants have solved several difficult payment situations. It was thanks to them that we got paid, so I would wholeheartedly recommend them to all Specialist Contractors."

Ian Radford Managing Director MI Electrical Solutions Limited

"We employed Ashmore Consulting following a lengthy payment dispute between ourselves and a main contractor whose contract had been terminated by their client. Less than two weeks later all due monies were in our bank account!

The service we received was prompt, professional and affordable. We strongly recommend Ashmore Consulting to anyone needing help and advice with regards to any contractual dispute."

James Hunt Managing Director Select Facades Ltd

"We now use Barry and his team as our ‘Defacto’ point of reference on all of our contract, payment and dispute ‘issues’. I cannot recommend Barry and his team highly enough, don’t struggle on your own, and touch base with him. Anyone who wants to know what they have done to help us personally then message me or call me but don’t think you have to fight on your own, there is honest help out there!"

Chris Hickling RCDD CDCDP Director Electron Technical Services Ltd

"Sub-Contractor friendly, down to earth commercial and contractual advice and support that has already helped us enormously. Recovering retentions has never been so easy!"

Karl Bradshaw Director B&S Electrical Contractors Ltd

Just thought I would drop you a line to say that your team have been excellent. I initially spoke with Richard Brackenbury and gave him details of our dilemma and the following day I was contacted by John Buchanan who has worked really hard for us collating all that was needed to move things on.

I am obviously not sure what the outcome will be at the moment but feel assured that we have excellent legal backing and that we have done everything in the proper way with their help and guidance.

I would be really happy if you could pass my/our thoughts on to John & Richard - and thank you to you too for responding so quickly in the first place.

Sue Halfpenny - (Finance Director) Prima Systems Ltd

I worked with Barry on several orders where his detailed examination of proposed customer contracts, his highlighting of potential risks and suggestions for changes that could be accepted by my company and the customer (the win-win goal), proved invaluable.

To be able to speak to someone who can go through a very detailed contract, which were quite often written in confusing legal speak, then explain the risks and meaning in a clear and understandable way is very reassuring, and I would recommend Barry for this kind of work anytime.

Jason Dixon - (Head of Project Management) Fujian Huisman Steel Manufacturing Co Ltd

Barry has proved to be a great find and excellent value for money. His expert knowledge of construction law and his day to day experience in the industry has proved invaluable.

His attention to detail and his passion to help the specialist contractor in often difficult circumstances has been invaluable. Barry is very hands on in his approach which is a welcome attribute for any consultant.

Chris Arkwell - CDI Group Ltd

I have worked with Barry on many occasions over many years. He has always achieved great results whilst guiding us through very difficult contractual situations.

Andrew Clarke - Managing Terex Material Handling & Port Solutions (UK) Ltd

As is always the case with contractual issues within the construction industry, the poor old Specialist Sub-Contractor is always at the end of the line for payment and is usually left fighting for scraps.

We had a contractual issue with a client and the Main Contractor and needed some professional help.

But which professional? Specialist Construction Lawyer? Arbitration?

Before long we were ensconced within the nerve centre of Ashmore Consulting and within three to four hours we had picked apart the issues, identified what we should fight for, what was not worth fighting for and more importantly how we went about making sure that for once, we got was contractually due to us.

Had we decided to spend this time with Barry three months earlier it would have saved the company a significant amount of money.

Whether you require advice i) on the terms of a contract that you are about to enter into; ii) on a contract you are currently working under or iii) assistance with trying to extricate yourself from financial Armageddon brought on by not speaking to him at points i) or ii) you will find him clear and concise and he will only furnish you with relevant information based on a career spent on both sides (at different times).

Barry Ashmore comes with my highest recommendation and should the need arise I would not hesitate to use or recommend his services to any SSC or business within the construction industry.

Joe Makepeace - Hirst and Danson Group Ltd

Barry has advised my company on a number of contract related issues both in advance of signing contracts and after the event when difficulties have occurred. He gives sound practical advice leaving his client to make the final decision based on that advice.

Due to his in depth knowledge he is a very useful guy to have on your side especially when you come up against bigger main contractors where it soon becomes evident that he often knows more than they do.

Barry is always willing to help (usually at short notice) and recognises the need to have a flexible approach when in a sales or contract situation with clients who are placing ongoing business with us.

I happily recommend Barry.

Mark Bidwell - Terex Material Handling & Port Solutions (UK) Ltd

Barry has provided professional services for my company on several occasions and his work and advice has always been detailed, practical and a great help in resolving contractual issues.

Ashley Field - (Managing Director) Field Associates Ltd

Barry has produced detailed commentaries on contracts from £50k to £5m, provided precise advice and recommendations tailored to our business and provided invaluable support in many tough negotiations.

Andrew Paling - Terex Material Handling & Port Solutions (UK) Ltd

Barry is a really dynamic guy with so many ideas it's hard to keep up with him sometimes. He has a natural talent for spotting opportunities and, whilst working with him in his professional role as Regional Director at James R Knowles, he achieved amazing results for his clients.

Now that Barry runs his own contracts consultancy, he particularly likes to represent the downtrodden, smaller organisations which are suffering at the hands of the larger corporations. Again, he achieves exceptional results and the added value of always being there for his clients. I can highly recommend Barry both as a colleague and a friend.

Cynthia Rich - (Owner) Cynergy Marketing Ltd

I have known Barry for years and worked with him several times. He gives me advice on customer specific contracts for major material handling automation projects in the UK.

I really like Barry's pragmatic approach - he usually finds a quick, agreeable and practical solution based on a wealth of experience in my industry. In addition he somehow manages to meet the tight time lines I usually have to set for the work we do together.

Barry is a personable guy with a good sense of humour - which I appreciate too.

Sigurd Volker - (Managing Director) Dürkopp Fördertechnik GmbH

Whenever I meet up with Barry I often walk away wondering "how can someone have so many great ideas for marketing his business?" Barry is a genuine nice guy and a pleasure to work with. I'm really excited about using my knowledge of printing to help him turn his marketing ideas into a reality.

Yvonne Gorman - (Owner) Essential Print Services Ltd

Barry's expertise and professionalism have helped me both professionally and personally, I highly recommend Barry and his team.

Colin Astil - Protec Fire Detection PLC

Barry is able to create a professional atmosphere in meetings which challenges people to commit to their responsibilities especially when they need reminding of them!

Adam Telling - (Managing Director) Telling Finishings Ltd

I had a particularly difficult contractual position with a client, which could have led to a significant commercial loss on the project, through Barry’s involvement and assistance I managed to work positively and constructively with the client to amicably resolve the issues to the success of the project.

Barry provided a clear and concise contractual position but then set out scenarios from real life experiences that changed the strategy we adopted; this was instrumental in reaching an amicable resolution of a difficult situation.

Phil Bradley - Jacobs LES E&I Specialist Sub-Contractors

Many thanks for your recent advice regarding our contractual problem and your prompt, straightforward advice regarding applications, dayworks and more.

I feel genuinely re-assured having found your site and the backup provided from you and your team.

Reg Burgess - Painting Subcontractor

I want to express my own and our Directors thanks for your input on our recent payment problems ... and the successful resolution of the matter. Many thanks again.

Bernard Murray - Fireproof Fire Engineering Sprinkler System Specialists

I recommend all sub-contractors, whether they find trading in the present market to be a challenge or not, to get in touch with Ashmore Consulting, we did - and the fee has been money well spent for advice on contractual and marketing matters. We are a small firm and when we needed contractual support to fight a claim that was dragging on, Ashmore Consulting were there for us and we got paid within a month.

Trevor Kirby - (Managing Director) Anglian Architectural Ltd

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